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Cookoff 2018 Winners Announcement


1st  Josh Cormier > Team Everystuff > Pork Gravy

2nd Damian Gomez > Hammers!!! > Seven Steak and Sausage

3rd Joey Bergeron > Joe Bad > Smoked Rabbit Sauce Piquante



1st  Josh Cormier > Team Everystuff > Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

2nd Thad Duplechin > LOOK!! DON'T LOOK! Duck Hunting Club Cooking Team> Maw Maw's Guinea & Sausage

3rd Jarald Earl > Mais Dats Nice > Speckled Belly Goose and Andouille



1st Jesse Guidry > Lafayette Travel > Chicken, Pork, & Sausage Jambalaya

2nd Logan Vincent > Team Pup N’ Suds > Jambalaya

3rd Ricky Gomez > The Crackpots > Steak & Sausage Jambalaya



1st  Kerin Civello > 2 Drunk Girls Making Pie > MMMM Delicious Pie

2nd Josh Landes > LOOK!! DON'T LOOK! Duck Hunting Club Cooking Team> Grandpa Sidney’s Apple Pie

3rd  Jonathan Olivier > Trop de Sucre > Gateau de Sirop (Syrup Cake)



1st Troy Gardiner > Deplorables > Cracklins

2nd Chris Sons > Le Loupe > Gratons

3rd Ryan Guillory > The Cracklin > King Cracklins

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