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2019 Cook-Off Winners

Gravy 3rd Place: Lazo Pavich

Team Da Ponce Man

Gravy 2nd Place: Logan Boudreaux

Team Bon CaCa

Gravy 1st Place: Dustin Aguillard

Team Gold Dust Patassas

Gumbo 1st Place: Josh Cormier

Team Everystuff

Gumbo 2nd Place: Dwight Pitre

Team Ike and Abe

Gumbo 3rd Place: Roddie Romero

Team Lafayette Travel

Jambalaya 3rd Place: Brent Miller

Jambalaya 2nd Place: Vincent John

Team VBA

Jambalaya 1st Place: Seth Bradley

Team Look Don't Look Duck Hunting Club 

Cracklin 2nd Place: Logan Vincent

Team Pup N Suds

Cracklin 3rd Place: Troy Gardiner

Team Deplorables

Dessert 3rd Place: Cari Lévesque

Team CanAm

Dessert 2nd Place: Jesse Guidry

Team Lafayette Travel

Dessert 1st Place: Kyle Danger Reed

Cracklin 1st Place: Chris Sons (C. Wolf) Team Lafayette Travel

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